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Client Testimonials

Paul / Shorewood, WI

I had a couple of shingles come loose during a wind storm. I thought about crawling up there myself but we have a tall house and I didn't see myself safely making the move from the ladder to the roof and back again. I found JJB on Angie's list and gave them a call. They said it would cost $250 which I thought was expensive for a couple of shingles. I hesitated and started to rethink going up there myself. She explained that they would have to load the ladders on the truck, drive here, do the job, drive back and unload. For that amount of labor, $250 wasn't really that much. Fair enough, I said O.K. I don't remember making an appointment, Jeff just showed up on a Saturday when I was up on the ladder installing gable vents. What a great guy. He was friendly, energetic and helpful. I explained to him why I didn't want to climb up on the roof and he gave me some tips on ladder safety. He asked me what I was working on and gave me some tips on installing the vents. He repaired the loose shingles, inspected the roof and found some cracks to seal. And as long as he was up there, he cleaned the gutters. From end to end it was an great experience well worth the $250. It's a good feeling kno...

Erin, Shorewood WI

Joe, Jeff, and their crew were great--professional, friendly, and excellent at their jobs. We received clear and timely communication from them throughout the job, and even after when we had follow-up questions. They took the time to make sure we had all of our questions answered at every part of the process. They repaired damaged spots on our stucco exterior and then sprayed on a coat of new stucco. They also re-pointed a deteriorating chimney and installed new chimney caps on both chimneys. The house looks fantastic! We've received compliments from many of our neighbors on how nice the house looks now. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again.

Daniel, Milwaukee WI

Three letters signal how it went: C C and H Competent in many different parts of home improvement and repair. Careful in all their work. It is not rushed, it is done meticulously. Honest. They will never tell you you need something done just so they can get work. If anything needs to be done, they show you pictures of it and explain it in detail, and then they give detailed items in billing.